Walk with me in my world of EVERYDAY HAIKU. Experience relief
from daily stress and find out how haiku can help you discover your own
creative voice and give you more peaceful and joy-filled moments. See
how I have become more present, more mindful and less stressed from
learning, writing and creating through the healing benefits of haiku poetry.

This is an online course that you can work on at your own pace. I will guide you
through Five Modules to teach you all about haiku, a little bit of the history and a fun
pick and choose exercise to learn the basics. Then there are steps on the “rules” and
tips on how to write haiku. After that you will have the opportunity to create your
own art to go with your poems like the ones I have. I have created special design
templates that go with the course for you to use and share your haiku with.


When you take the HAIKU JUST FOR YOU Course you can experience the
benefits of haiku for yourself. When you sign up you will receive the following:

Five Modules that consist
of beautifully designed pages
that will guide you through
the course.

Course workbooks to go with
each lesson as well seasonal
journals to use during and
after the course.

Learn how to quiet your mind
and find out how haiku can tap into
your sense of touch, taste, sight,
sound and smell.

Meet the early Master Haiku poets
and see how to compose a few verses
with a mix and match game that will
teach you more about haiku.

Learn about the rules and use
some of the activities to practice
with and then write your
own haiku poems

Once you’ve mastered your haiku you
will have the opportunity to turn your
poetry into pieces of art with stunning
seasonal design templates.

Sign up today and start your haiku journey.
FEE: $97